Winchester S7MMCT 160gr 7mm Rem Mag Bullets - (20/box) - 020892214347

Winchester S7MMCT 160gr 7mm Rem Mag Bullets - (20/box)

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    Winchester 7MM Remington Mag 160 Grain Supreme AccuBond Combined Technology

    Winchester provides several styles to match your shooting needs. The Fail Safe delivers unique bullet expansion, deep penetration and consistent performance. Ballistic Silvertips combines proven Nosler Ballistic Tips with a patented Winchester Lubalox coating for the ultimate in extreme range performance. The Accubond CT is a polycarbonate tipped bullet with a heavy tapered jacket bonded to a lead alloy core for controlled expansion and high weight retention. Also has a Boattail base and a Lubalox coating.

    This 7mm Remington Magnum hunting ammo from Winchester's Supreme line has a 160 grain AccuBond CT Hollow Point launched at 2950 fps. Its polymer ballistic tip gives it the optimum trajectory, while its bonded construction allows it to expand and penetrate greatly.

    Winchester Supreme ammunition features delayed, controlled expansion; deep penetration through thick, tough skin, heavy muscle tissue, and bone; and high retained weight. Use for hunting big game with thin skin, whitetail, mule deer, antelope and brown bear, big game thick skin, elk, moose, caribou, and black bear, and dangerous game thin skin leopard and lion.

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