CVA PR3122SNM Acucra Nitride V2 Muzzleloader

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The Accura® Nitride V2 Thumbhole rifle is CVA’s premier, top-of-the-line muzzleloader. This rifle offers a higher level of performance with more specialized features than other CVA muzzleloader. 

The Accura V2 Nitride Thumbhole Model provides a level of accuracy and performance that is unequaled by any muzzleloader on the market today, due to its custom, premium quality Bergara™ barrel. The Bergara barrel is made from high quality 416 grade stainless steel, and has quickly become recognized as the most accurate production barrel in the world. And while many of the world's most highly regarded center-fire manufacturers use the Bergara barrel on their guns, only CVA offers them in a muzzleloader. It is this Bergara barrel that enables CVA to guarantee their ACCURA series rifles to be "The Most Accurate Muzzleloaders You've Ever Shot -- Or Your Money Back." 

Making it the closest thing to a “corrosion-proof “muzzleloader that has ever been developed, the Accura Nitride Rifle features new innovation with a Nitride-treated Bergara barrel that’s meant to take the high-end rifle to a new level. The Nitride finish technology, known as Salt Bath Nitride, is used to treat the barrel. Already available in military applications, the nitride process hardens the outer layer of steel, making it both more durable and corrosion-resistant than chrome, which was previously the highest standard in bore-toughening techniques. Unlike exterior ceramic coatings, the nitride process penetrates both the outside and inside of the barrel, and can withstand thousands of shots.

The Accura V2 is designed to fit a wide range of shooters with its compact size. The V2 Nitride provides just the right combination of balance and maneuverability for the rifle's intended purpose. The Accura is simplistic in operation because the breeching lever is built right into the trigger guard, making the Accura one of the easiest opening break-actions on the market. This gun can be disassembled simply by removing a single screw. The Accura design sports many of the same features to help you with your hunt, like CVA’s patent-pending Quick-Release Breech Plug (QRBP), the only such breech plug on the market that can be easily removed with your fingers, no breech plug tool needed. The rifle's ergonomically designed stock is fully ambidextrous, and is upgraded with a Soft-Touch Camo coating and rubber grip panels, making it both comfortable and secure in the harshest of weather conditions. Finally, this Accura Nitride Model comes standard with a DuraSight® DEAD ON™ one-piece scope mount and matching Camo Quake® CLAW® Contour Sling.