CVA PR3121SNM Accura MR Nitride - 043125831227

CVA PR3121SNM Accura MR Nitride

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    The Accura MR from CVA is perfect for those hunters who hunt in the mountains, or just prefer a lighter gun. The Accura MR is equipped with a 25" premium Bergara barrel, making this the most accurate break-action muzzleloading rifle that CVA has ever produced. Weighing in at just 6.35 lbs, this rifle will allow you to trek long distances in search of your trophy. The frame design is very compact and contains very few moving parts, for lighter weight and increased reliability. The new Quick-Release Breech Plug allows for easy removal, even after the rifle has been fired numerous times. The stainless steel finish and durable composite stock, with a new SoftTouch coating and rubber grip panels, will provide you with years of worry-free operation. Lightweight, compact and extremely accurate.

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