Avian-X Topflight Openwater Mallard

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Designed for the open water mallard hunter that wants the look and ride of a custom style mallard decoy and created to match the life like appearance of a flock mallard resting offshore in the open areas of bays and lakes. These decoys also have striking bold paint colors that project from a great distance to lure mallards into gun range and are built with durable rubberized molding material with chip free paint for years of life on the open water.

All Topflight Series decoys feature the innovative weight-forward swim keel design simply snap line through swim clip which creates natural motion to the decoys whether in current or in the slightest breeze. Decoys are slightly over-sized measuring 14.5 inches breast to tail. Sold in 6 packs.

Open Water Series Includes four drakes and two hens. Two high-head drakes two low-head drakes one high-head hen and one swimmer hen.

Ultra-realistic paint schemes
Ultimate in paint adhesion and durability
Innovation weight-forward swim keel design
Snap line through swim clip which creates natural motion
Measures 14.5 inches breast to tail